10 Tips for Safe, Profitable and Successful Forex Trading

Forex Trading

10 Tips for Safe, Profitable and Successful Forex Trading – Forex is a very speculative market and involves high risk, when you intend to enter the world of forex, of course you also understand what risks you will face. In the stock market such as forex which has a high risk will also bring big profits if you can trade well.

The thing to remember in forex is that it’s not about being lucky or unlucky, you have to think this is a serious business and requires serious thought, this is because forex can be learned and there are many factors that you can use to succeed in the forex business. Many indicators can be used to determine where the market will move. This makes FX Trading a great opportunity for those looking to make a quick profit.

Before you actually spend capital for forex trading, make sure you choose a trusted forex broker and support your trading activities. They have to provide a good platform, and have a really reliable reputation.

The reason why you should choose the best forex broker is because there are no tips that will work if the broker used for trading does not provide good experience and cannot trade quickly and affordably.

The next step is when you have found a trusted and safe forex broker for you. Let’s look at some of the tips below so that you can trade forex safely, often get profits and be successful in forex trading.

For those of you who want to run daily trading , you should really apply the tips below so that your forex trading runs smoothly and brings profit every time you trade. Every trader certainly has a different strategy, but every successful trader must apply important tips as I will mention below. Although the tips below are basic tips, but if you follow these guidelines then you can be sure you will really become a forex trader who often gets profit and is successful.

10 Tips for Safe, Profitable and Successful Forex Trading

When you want to jump into a professional and successful trader, you will definitely get a lot of tips out there, and all of them are certainly good for you too, but you must know the best successful forex trading tips below in order to always trade properly:

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Always have a plan when Trading Forex

The most important of all tips on successful forex trading is a plan. Don’t put real money in until you have a plan of action. For novice traders trying on a demo account is very necessary, you must be really proficient in trading with a demo account before actually trading on a real account, make sure you also have a good understanding of your platform.

After you are ready to trade in real, you must really know the reasons or strong analysis before deciding to sell or buy and determine how much capital you will use for trading and the right time when to run your trades. A trader without a plan is like a person who goes into the jungle who doesn’t understand the direction who will eventually get lost and will never return.

Manage risk

Every time you trade, you should always develop a risk management strategy. Risk management is important because with this you can save all your capital on that day, by always setting a stop loss this will ensure you only lose what you can afford and if you don’t do this you will not be able to trade the next day, because your strategy may work well and get a big profit in the next trade.

Take advantage of technology

There are millions of forex business people around the world, with so many people trading, there will also be a lot of valuable information that you can find. You need to take advantage of all the resources around you to stay ahead. In addition, charting platforms offer a large number of ways to analyze the market. You can also retest your strategy against historical data to fill in any gaps.

The mobile app will also ensure you have instant access to the forex market, and trade almost anywhere and anytime at the right time. Combine that with a lightning fast internet connection and you can make quick, informed and accurate decisions.

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Never stop learning Forex Trading

A successful trader is never complacent, he always wants to trade smarter from time to time and minimize the possibility of losing every trade.

In order for you to be smart in trading, take your time to always follow the news, use trading books, and follow the development of information in the forex world from well-known sites and also well-known forums in the forex world. Never stop learning because the forex market is always evolving and you have to evolve along with it to get more profits over time.

Always look at the facts

Make sure every strategy in your forex playing is based, backed and retested with facts. Humans are emotional creatures who tend to have a greedy nature and after today’s big profit you may feel abnormal and too bold to make decisions when the market opens tomorrow morning. Don’t fall into this trap. Let the facts and figures guide your decision-making process.

Have entry and exit rules

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect in and out’. You must stay consistent on the entry and exit parameters in your initial plans and strategies. If you are starting to think about experimenting, maybe you have thoughts like (maybe I should try if this works), then think again and say no as much as possible.

Maintain your discipline, because this will really save you. For example, if you have set a stop profit and the line has touched it, then feel like it’s enough and take your time for something else, don’t always expect to profit again and again, discipline is very important in the world of trading and only successful people follow that rule. .

Don’t concentrate on money

This may sound counterintuitive to everyone’s trading goals, but it can make a lot of sense. If you concentrate on money as a top priority, then it can make you do rash things, such as taking small profits for fear of losing what you have won, or even taking big profits for fear of getting the profit you had planned in advance.

I advise you to stay focused on your initial strategy, and let your strategy focus on making money for you and don’t take profits that are too big outside your strategy, greed is the beginning of your downfall.

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Thinking forward

Always remember that forex trading is a promising and long-term business. Then think that your strategy is to make money in the long run, so don’t focus on immediate results.

Your strategy should meet both profit and loss, always keep the long term process in mind it will take you on the path to success in forex trading. Becoming a professional in forex takes a long time, so make sure you always keep your main goal in mind.

Save trading journal history

Keeping a record of your previous trades is a very valuable tip. Today forex software allows you to quickly and easily save all your trading history, from entries and exits to prices and volumes.

You can use that information to identify problems and change your strategy, enabling you to make smart decisions later on. Because every successful trader, most of them always keep a history of the trading journals they do. They use it as a valuable reference and analysis.

Know when to stop Forex Trading

Every strategy that is executed does not always bring profit, it means that if the strategy does not work, don’t keep hoping for profit, it will waste your money continuously. You have to admit that your strategy is not right and must go back to your analysis and strategy for rethinking.

You have to know when to stop trading and see everything, research your strategy and improve it. When you are ready and confident then you can continue trading with a better plan and strategy. When you push on and you can’t stick to your plan, it’s like standing on a slippery slope that at any moment can make you fall and never come back.


Successful forex trading is a person who is always disciplined in every strategy and is able to keep emotional no matter what the trading results are. Also, for safe trading you should run your forex trades with a reputable broker and have the resources needed by traders like BDSwiss.

And that’s 10 successful, safe and profitable forex trading tips that you can follow. Hopefully this article is useful for you and you can always benefit from playing forex. Keep trying and good luck

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10 Tips for Safe, Profitable and Successful Forex Trading

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