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Most Popular Android Live Streaming Video Apps 2022

Have you ever seen someone using their smartphone’s front camera while talking? Yes, most likely the person you see is broadcasting in real-time with someone else.

Yep, lately, the live streaming video application is quite widely used by smartphone users from within and outside the country. In addition to functioning to broadcast or broadcast, it turns out that this kind of application is also quite profitable for its users.

Broadcasters get benefits through gifts that can later be exchanged into money. Actually, that’s not the point, the most important thing is that users can be entertained by broadcasts from their host idoal.

Here Singkilisme has collected a live streaming video application on Android that is currently the most popular. What are they? Here is the review.



Who doesn’t know this one application? With more than 100 million users, Bigo Live is one of the best and most popular live streaming video applications used by smartphone users.

Through this application, users can directly interact with other users or can also be referred to as broadcasters. Most of the announcers in Bigo are generally beautiful and sexy women.

Yes, that’s what many men, especially adults, probably like. Even so, the broadcaster must follow the rules set by Bigo, one of which is not to indulge in aurat or smell of pornography. And violating accounts will get banned sanctions.

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Behind it all, it turns out that this broadcaster application has its own charm. Here the broadcasters certainly do not waste quota for nothing. Because the developer promises monetary rewards to broadcasters who are able to attract a lot of audience interest, especially receiving gifts.

2. Camfrog


For those of you who like to have direct conversations with friends or people you don’t know, maybe Camfrog has been used occasionally, right? Through this application, you can have private conversations with friends, lovers, or even millions of other users.

This kind of application may be very appropriate for those of you who are single. Yep, here you can fill the emptiness of the heart by looking for friends to lovers. Who knows, your soul mate comes from this app.

But unfortunately, many users are abusing the functions of this live streaming video app with negativity.

3. is an application that provides live streaming video services that allows users to interact with each other. When viewed from all aspects of this application by a Hong Kong developer, it may not be much different from Bigo Live.

Here users can interact directly through comments or talk during the broadcast. If the announcer manages to keep the audience entertained, maybe the audience will not hesitate to give gifts to the broadcaster.

Various prizes that can later be filtered to be exchanged into money. Seeing this tempting opportunity, many beautiful female broadcasters are willing to broadcast for hours to entertain the audience, one of which is of course expecting gifts.

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4. YouNow


Maybe you are not very familiar with this live streaming video application called YouNow. It turns out that this application is very popular in use by smartphone users abroad.

This can also be clearly seen from the number of users who reach more than 50 million.

Just like similar applications, here you can interact in a room by talking or commenting. The most fun thing is probably when you watch broadcasts that are as hobbyist as you, such as playing games, guitar, and so on.

Not to be outdone by Bigo Live, this live streaming video application called Kitty Live may not be seen once or twice in ad impressions on applications installed on your Android.

As time goes by, the number of users of this application continues to grow until it reaches more than 10 million. This broadcasting application itself has cool features, including watching the latest or most popular Live Streaming videos, Live Broadcasting, and so on.

In addition, the developer also promises to present a variety of interesting events. Where users have the opportunity to get tempting prizes if they successfully complete existing tasks or challenges. Interested in trying it out?

so, of the eleven live streaming video applications for Android above, which one are you interested in? Instead of being curious, it’s better to download and install it directly on your andorid. Hurry up, while it’s still free!

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Android Live Streaming Video Apps

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