Do you want to open an EO business? The success stories of the D’Day event organizer can be emulated

Starting from the same passion in organizing events, six friends start an activity called D’Day Event Organizer.

In fact, the event planning business they founded focuses not only on wedding receptions, but on all events. However, due to the large number of wedding event requests received, they have decided to focus on this field of activity.

At first, the knowledge on organizing events that YB Aditya Pratomo, one of the founders of D’Day, obtained from IP Entertainment (under the MRA group), was shared with her five friends. So, they offered to organize a wedding reception for one of their friends.

At first, his friend was pessimistic that they couldto handle the wedding ceremony due to lack of previous experience in the management of wedding events. However, that pessimism disappeared when the wedding ceremony that took place ended successfully.

He was very satisfied with the performance of the six people and recommended it to others.

According to Audra Manembu, a member of the D’Day event planning team, the first time they presented a collaboration proposal to present to a client was in 2005. This was done when the EO business had been running for about. 6 months.\

When starting this EO business, Audra admitted that she only had a company profile, presentation, concept and determination.

Up to now they have managed various weddings and other events such as family reunions, farewell parties, etc.

They divide 3 main parts of the services offered in the event organizer business, namely:

  1. Wedding consultantwhere this service focuses on providing ideas, inputs, suggestions and opinions to clients who will host a wedding, but are not directly involved in managing the event.
  2. In the day, D’Day only manages the unfolding and regular process of the event on day D. All the preparation and details of the event have been done by the client. D’Day just do it technical meeting two days before day D. However, in this point service, D’Day needs to know and know all the suppliers in order to work together.
  3. Complete serviceD’Day does everything related to his client’s wedding from the beginning to the end of the event, with the exception of things that can be done by the client himself, such as taking care of marriage certificates and various processes that cannot be represented.
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Within a year, the D’Day Event Organizer can usually handle up to 5-6 events. Usually the time needed for an event (wedding) is 3-5 months. The sooner the better.

After receiving clients, these six people will often see each other in their office, which is Aditya’s home.

In running this business, they do not rent a place as an office because they often come to the client’s home or meet in a place, such as a bar or restaurant.

If the wedding time is near, they will meet or communicate with clients more often. If the customer is busy, all he can do is communicate by email and phone.

D'Day event organizer (ilustrasi)
D’Day event organizer (ilustrasi)

The house that serves as an office they use for meetings and owned shops.

According to Audra, they apply the principle of win-win with their customers. D’Day doesn’t just focus on profit in this business. Therefore, the price depends on the service depending on the negotiation between D’Day and the customer.

Although these six people are still working, they are committed to running an event planning business with all risks. Fortunately, weddings are generally held every weekend.

Preparation for the wedding reception usually begins with the decoration process which is done from 12:00 to 3:00 in the morning. At that point, one or more of them should already be in place.

Therefore, during the event, there must be one of them in charge of each section, including the runner.

Meanwhile, Aditya usually carries out her duties like floor manager. Of course, this process cannot be done by just 6 people. So on day D, they take about 10 people to help do technical stuff.

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Promotion is usually done in a variety of ways, for example by presenting company profiles to potential customers who will host events, as well as print and online advertising.

In the future, Audra hopes that someone will totally work on this event planner business. They also want this home based business to one day become a legal entity for their business to run smoothly.

More information on the organizer of the D’Day event:

Jl. Comp. BAPEKA III / IV n. 50 orange groves
Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 70162675
Mobile: Mobile: 0856 1111215
Fax: (021) 7451775
Email: [email protected]

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Do you want to open an EO business?  The success stories of the D

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