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How to register shares online is not widely known by several people, especially people who are still new to the field of buying and selling shares, both online and offline. In fact, stock investment is one of the most profitable types of investments than others.

By registering shares online, of course you will get high profits with various practicalities and conveniences that can be accessed simply via the internet. Therefore, here we will discuss how to register shares online in full. (Reference sources)

Getting to Know and Get Started How to Register Stocks Online

It will not run out when talking about investment. There are many types of investments that you can choose from. However, stock investment is one form of investment that is attractive and profitable. This is because stocks are one type of investment that will provide large returns in a relatively short time.

Therefore, now it is necessary to know how to register shares online in order to get these benefits. Online stocks will provide practicality to investors.

If you want to dive into the world of stocks and become an investor, of course, there are a few things you need to know in order to easily achieve your goals as a successful online stock investor. For example, starting with basic things such as how to register, how to make investments, and much more.

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Investing and How to Register Shares Online and the Benefits

Online stock investment means that you can make the process of buying and selling shares only through the internet which can be operated from a cellphone or other gadget.

In playing stocks online, it means that you will buy and sell stocks online using online trading software.

The advantages that will be obtained by online stock investors are very many. However, what are commonly obtained are two types, namely the difference in the sale and purchase price of shares and the company’s dividend profits. Stock investors usually pursue profits on the difference in the price of buying and selling shares.

This means that if you buy a stock at a low price and then sell it at a high price, you will certainly get the maximum profit.

Steps to Register Shares Online

Opening a Stock Account

Of course, if you want to dive into the world of online stocks, you must first have an account and be registered as a customer of a security. The securities companies that can be used are those that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and then become customers of one of these brokers.

If you want to do it online, make sure your broker has software for online trading that is capable. Here, you will carry out the process of filling in data such as filling out identity forms and reporting other files. (Also Read: Best Online Stock Trading Provider Broker)

Deposit Funds after Registering Shares Online

If your stock account has been completed (usually 1-2 weeks) you will be asked to confirm the account via email. Here, you will get information such as username , password , PIN, and Investor Fund Account number (RDI).

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Then, you will be asked to deposit funds in accordance with the minimum nominal that has been determined by the broker. RDI is a digital wallet that is used to store funds used to buy shares. For the deposit, you can transfer via bank, ATM, or use Internet Banking.

Installing Online Trading Software

Download and install the software for online trading provided by the broker where you opened the account. Usually, this software is available in several versions that can be used on both computer and mobile versions. It is up to you to choose according to your needs.

The software is usually free. You can login by entering the name and password that has been given. Then, you will be asked to fill in a security PIN. Fill in the PIN correctly so you can enter the software page.

Buy and sell stocks online with software

When you have finished logging in to the software, you will see a menu for buying and selling shares. Don’t forget to enter your PIN because this PIN is important so that stock transactions can take place properly.

Select the Buy Shares menu (Buy) to purchase shares. Then, enter the code of the stock you want to buy. Usually, the stock has a 4 letter code that you can use. Enter the price or nominal share you want to buy and the slot. Usually, the minimum purchase for shares is 1 lot (100 shares). Then, click the Send button .

To sell shares through the software is also quite easy because you only need to select the Sell menu . After that, follow the procedure and choose which shares and nominal you want to sell. If you make a profit from the sale of these shares, then the profit will go into your stock account balance.

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Strategies to Learn from How to Register Online Stocks to Investments

In investing in online stocks, of course you feel that you will get many benefits due to the various conveniences that will be obtained. However, it’s a good idea to learn what strategies are right and must be done in investing in online stocks. This is done starting from registering shares, selecting shares, and determining when is the right time to buy and sell shares.

By investing in stocks online, you will be given the convenience of being able to check when stock prices are rising or falling only through a gadget connected to the internet. Of course, this will give you convenience because you can buy and sell shares anytime and anywhere.

When stock prices are down or up, you can find out only through software. This software is also easy to use and understand. When the stock price is down, you can buy shares.

Then, when the stock price is rising, then you can sell shares to get the maximum profit and can be done directly online. Well, that’s an explanation of how to register shares online so that it can provide benefits for you.

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How to Register Shares Online Complete and Easy

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