Stock Business Without Capital? Here’s How!

Stock Business

The stock business without capital, of course, you must know. Because this can help to get a lot of profit. Moreover, today there are still many people who think that playing stocks must require a lot of capital up to millions of rupiah. This is not true though. Playing / doing stock business does not require large capital.

It’s a shame if you don’t try to play stocks, considering that the profits you get are no less than other businesses. Especially now that there are many conveniences offered, you can even play online stocks with the many features offered.

Plus now there are many people who are interested in stocks, it is proven that stock players continue to increase every day. This proves that stocks are already popular as a form of investment.

Steps for a Stock Business Without Capital

Of course there are several steps you can take to start a stock business without spending a lot of capital. However, playing stocks actually requires a little capital, even if it’s only IDR 100,000. No need to wait, you have to have a lot of money before you can play the stock.

There are several ways so that you can play stocks even though you don’t spend any capital at all, namely:

  1. Visiting various types of Investival activities (investment festivals)

Investival is one of the forms of annual campaign activities made by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Of course, this event has several series which are usually carried out in several big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Solo, Batam, Ambon, Denpasar, and many others.

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At this event, of course, there are many securities companies that you can find. Because the securities company at this event will open a stall and open a registration desk at that place.

One of the conveniences you can find is opening a securities account with a bonus that you can top up free funds with a certain amount, usually $100 to $200.

In addition, various activities such as competitions and door prizes will be held at this event, which are usually securities accounts that have been filled with $100 in capital.

You can use this as a source of funds when playing stocks later. Do not let you miss the investment festival activities.

  1. Participate in a stock trading simulation competition

One of the ways you can start a stock business without capital is to take part in a stock trading simulation competition. Every day more and more securities companies appear so that these companies will scramble to get customers.

This is of course the increasing number of very tempting offers issued by the company to attract customers to join their company.

The offer given is not always in the form of money but usually in the form of a stock trading simulation competition. Even though it is only a simulation, later you will use a virtual trading account that does not require a dime of capital.

If you come out as a winner, then you can get a prize in the form of a securities account containing money worth hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of rupiah. This of course makes you not spend a penny of capital to play stocks.

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Easy to play / Share Trading

Of course now it is very easy to play stocks, because there are so many securities companies that have sprung up. This indicates that it is easier for you to open a securities account so that the profits obtained can go into the book.

Moreover, after opening the book, you only need to open a laptop and connect it to the internet to buy and sell shares later.

You can’t just buy and sell shares later where you have to look at the existing conditions. So you can look at the color of the stock, if the color of the stock is red then it’s a good idea to buy a stock. Because the stock price is going down so you can buy it at a cheaper price and you won’t spend a lot of capital if you buy a lot.

However, when the color of the stock is green then it’s a good idea to sell the stock so that you can make a profit. Because the green color indicates that the stock price is rising, so if you sell it, you can get a profit.

Of course, that’s not all that has to be done to maximize profits. You must have a good stock trading plan and strategy. It takes a lot of insight and experience to increase the potential profit in playing stocks.

Stock Business are one of the lucrative investments.

It is undeniable that stocks are one of the most lucrative forms of investment. Even though there are now many places to invest, you must try stocks. Because the benefits provided are not half-hearted so that they can be used as your second income.

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Especially now that there are so many different kinds of companies that have very good financial levels, so they can be chosen as a place to invest. It can be said that stock investments are much better than investments such as gold or land.

Not a few people who sell and buy shares as their main livelihood because the benefits provided are very tempting.

But if you want to get a lot of profit then you have to provide a lot of capital to buy a lot of shares so that the greater the capital issued, the greater the profit obtained. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you try to play stocks, especially if there is a stock business without capital that you can try.

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