Take a look at the commercial potential of Profitable Gymnastics Studio

Gymnastics studio Job opportunities – Stress and unhealthy lifestyles seem familiar to the public. To combat stress and disease, everyone must be diligent in exercising.

Diligent exercise has been shown to keep the body fresh, fit and healthy. For busy people, exercise is an important part of their daily routine.

They believe this activity can relax the muscles and relax the mind. It also obviously cultivates the body to stay healthy.

There is one type of exercise that can be done by everyone, namely gymnastics. There are many types of this sport. One of them is aerobic exercise.

There are now many gymnastics studio activities that open classes with other types of exercises or exercises other than aerobics, including:

  • Yoga
  • Dance Lesson (Salsa Champion)
  • Body language
  • Pilate
  • Taebo
  • Low impact
  • little-little senam

In big cities, this gym is no longer seen as a necessity to stay healthy, but has become a way of life.

This need has proven to bring great business opportunities. The fitness center can be divided into 2 main parts, namely:

  1. Fitness: Exercise the body using various fitness equipment.
  2. Gymnastics: The usual type of exercise is aerobic exercise. The use of tools is limited to certain tools, such as dumbbells and mats.
  3. Fitness center and aerobics – some combine them in one workplace.

Many fitness centers have sprung up in various corners of the city. For example, the Club Ade Rai, which has thousands of members.

To become a member of the club, each person is charged an annual fee of up to millions of rupees. And many other fitness clubs with a variety of different types and prices.

Choosing a luxury fitness center isn’t a problem for some people. Membership facilities that are classified as expensive are not worth much more than having to bear the burden of healing costs in the event of illness.

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Another reason people want to exercise is to shape the body to look more ideal.

The fitness center facilities above are for large-scale businesses. However, if you have limited funds, you can focus on a business opportunity with the lowest cost – a gymnastics studio.

Due to its characteristics, in general, the gymnastics studios are open specifically for women, while the fitness center is dominated by men, although it is possible that the two swap places.

However, many women will prefer to play sports in a women’s gym, especially for those Muslim women who wear headscarves.

Also, in gymnastics, the garments used are specifically aerobic garments that are close to the body. This is to facilitate movement and body shaping.

Let's take a look at the commercial potential of the gymnastics studio
Let’s take a look at the commercial potential of the gymnastics studio

A. Required tools

If you want to open a gym business with limited capital and space, here are the rooms, furniture and equipment you must at least have.

  • Locker room
  • Bath
  • The main room which can accommodate at least 10 people
  • Glass / mirror of the same width and height as the room you use
  • AC / fan
  • Dispenser
  • The mats as a tool for gymnastics on the floor
  • VCD / DVD player and speakers
  • Shelves and tables for administration
  • Carpet to cover the floor, because the floor is usually slippery.

If your business is growing rapidly, you can add the following elements:

  • Track: a kind of bar for practicing gymnastics, such as ballet
  • Dumbbells: there are various sizes but at least expect one that weighs 1 kg.

B. Prices

The average prices that apply to the various gymnastics studios in Jakarta are as follows (assuming they don’t offer fitness equipment):

  1. Registration fee: from 25,000 IDR to 50,000 IDR
  2. Membership fee per month: 65,000 IDR to 100,000 IDR
  3. One-time visit fee (non-members): 10,000 IDR to 25,000 IDR
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C. Classroom and Instructor Arrangements

It doesn’t matter if your room capacity is limited. You have to be smart about class divisions, timing and the distribution of members to each class.

For example, an existing class is created as below:

  • Monday-Friday: rehearsal hours 8:00, 10:00, 16:00 and 19:00
  • Saturday: rehearsal time 8:00 and 16:00
  • Sunday: training time at 9:00

Each class can be limited to a maximum of 20 people so that each person has enough room to move around. This class division also determines the type of gymnastics that can be followed.

You can take advantage of the services of an instructor with a fixed salary system or with a profit-sharing system in the proportion of 50:50 with the owner of the gymnastics studio.

Typically, the rate for an aerobic exercise class is IDR 65,000. If there are 20 people in a class, the income earned is Rp. 1,300,000.

This income is then divided by 2. Thus, the instructor and manager of the gymnastics studio each get Rp. 650,000.

If there are members who visit only once, the payment can be added directly to the regular income and divided by two.

D. Commercial analysis of the gymnastics studio

This business analysis is based on the following assumptions obtained from various sources.

  • The useful life of the mattress is 2 years
  • The shelf life, table and chair is 2 years
  • The service life of the VCD / DVD player and speaker is 3 years
  • The shelf life of the carpet is 2 years
  • The duration of the distributor is 2 years
  • The life span of the fan / AC is 2 years

1. Investment cost

Below are some of the investment costs that need to be incurred to start a home gymnastics studio business:

Information Value (Rp)
Room renovation costs (including the purchase of glass / mirrors) 10,000,000
Mattress 5,000,000
VCD / DVD player and speaker 2,250,000
Fan 700,000
Dispenser 220,000
Rug 500,000
Tables and shelves 500,000
Membership card printing 200,000
Total investment 19,370,000
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2. Monthly operating cost

Information Value (Rp)
Fixed cost
Withdrawal of the mattress 1/24 x 5 million 208,400
1/36 x 2,250,000 VCD / DVD player and speaker contraction 62,500
Withdrawal of the fan 1/24 x 700 thousand 29.200
Amortization of dispenser and gallon 1/24 x 220 thousand 9,200
1/24 x 500,000 carpet collection 20,900
Depreciation table etc. 1/24 x 500,000 20,900
Salary of administrative staff 1 person 650,000
Total fixed cost 1,001,100
Variable cost
Communication fee 200,000
Promotion commission 500,000
Cost of electricity 300,000
Transportation fee 100,000
Water tariff 100,000
Charging fee in gallons 300,000
Administrative tools 100,000
Total variable cost 1,600,000
Total cost 2,601,100

3. Media acceptance

Generally, a gym will charge a membership fee to its members. The average person has to pay IDR 25,000 to enter a gymnastics studio.

If there are at least 5 people signing up in a day, you will receive 5 x IDR 25,000 = IDR 125,000

On a note, every day there are 5 new subscribers signing up, then in one month you will receive revenue from 150 subscribers.

Apart from that, you will also get income from studio visitors who are not members. If 80 people visit your studio in a month, the admission calculation is as follows:

  • Receipt of gymnastics fees per month: 150 x IDR 65,000 = IDR 9,750,000
  • Receipt of the visit fee: 80 x IDR 25,000 = IDR 2,000,000
  • Total revenue: IDR 11,750,000

This gymnastics tax is divided by 2 if using a profit sharing system with the instructor, i.e .: 50% x IDR 11,750,000 = IDR 4,875,000

4. Profit per month

Profit = Total Revenue – total operating costs

= IDR 4,850,000 – IDR 2,601,100 = IDR 2,248,900

Pay Back Period = (Total investment: profit) x 1 month

= (Rp 19.370.000: Rp 2.248.900) x 1 month = 8 months

Additional reference: BusinessSME

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Take a look at the commercial potential of Profitable Gymnastics Studio

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